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Planet Fortune Slot Review

Planet Fortune is inspired by the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, a science fiction movie which is based on an expedition to a distant planet. It has the retro scientific-robotic view, and the graphics and animation are amazing. It gives you the feel of the “Robot Revolution” and transports you back to the past. For young players who were not even born at the time, it will be a novel experience.If you are the retro kind of person who likes futuristic classics, this game is definitely for you. Play’n Go has captured the spirit of the film in this slot. How? That you can read below.

Planet Fortune Symbols

The game has a total of 6 premium symbols and the usual five low paying card symbols. Even the card symbols are looked retro sci-fi and outer space. The colour combination is interesting. There are four high paying symbols which consist of red crystals, blue gemstone, and the two main characters Extragalactic-Eve and Astro-Adam.
The green robot is the wild symbol which changes to red colour during the free spins and serves as scatter symbol too.

Planet Fortune

Planet Fortune Bonuses

Unlike many Play’n Go slots, Planet Fortune is fairly simple and uncomplicated. It does not have many complicated bonus features also. The bonus round and free spins are pretty straightforward. No complex combinations to understand and remember. There are just two objectives of the slot – stacked reels and free spins.

• Magnetic Mayhem: This feature activates in the main game randomly, and 2 to 3 reels are stuck together. When two reels get stuck together, you get 2×2 sized symbols, and when three reels get stuck, you get 3×3 sized symbols. The game automatically selects any 2 or 3 adjacent reels. All symbols appear during this round excluding the wild robot symbol.
• Robot Revolution Free Spin: 3 Robot symbols on your reels will activate the Robot Revolution Free Spin feature. In this round, you are awarded ten free spins in which all the three wild symbols that have activated the free spin will stay in their respective places. Any other wild symbols appearing during the spins will also stick to their places. With every spin, the wild symbols move horizontally, that is, one reel on the left. Once the wild symbol reaches the 1st reel, it vanishes from the game screen. The free spins cannot be re-activated.
• Wild: Landing 5 robot wild symbols on your reels can earn you the maximum payout of the game which is 62.5x of your bet money.

Planet Fortune Slot

Planet Fortune looks like a promising slot with the simple yet attractive features and cartoonish graphics. The slot machine is highly volatile with an RTP of 96.60%. It has got the fictional universe backdrop, and the sound effects are also robotic and scientific. The whole retro sci-fi feel is refreshing. Thought he bonus rounds are less, but free spins can land many wild symbols and turn the game around for you. I would suggest you keep a sharp eye on the bonus and show a little patience. It will pay off. You can play at Unibet for free.


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Guns N’ Roses Slot Review

Guns N’ Roses never disappoints. After a year’s wait, the slot has launched, and it is as good as the rock band. The graphics are amazing, and you could sync your game with the band’s five most popular songs. The background of the game makes you feel as if you are at the Guns N’ Roses concert with bright lights, the sound of the crowd, and the band’s music. NetEnt has made an outstanding slot with surprises in almost every spin. The grandeur of the band is such that nobody can fit it in a single slot, but the developers have done an amazing job with this one. Along with that, there are so many features in the slot which are never seen before in any other slot machine.

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Guns N’ Roses Slots

Guns N’ Roses Slots

Even the symbols are adorned with roses. The lower value symbols are the usual signs of 10, J, Q, K, and A. all the letters are decorated with roses. Apart from that, there are symbols made of the three band members – Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan; and three decorated plectrums which serve as the high paying symbols.
The wild symbol is the logo of Guns N’ Roses which can appear on any reel. The slot also has a bonus symbol where the word bonus is written on the disc.

Guns N’ Roses Bonuses

The slot has two types of wild bonuses – expanding and non-expanding. As a surprise, the wild symbol will at any time get converted into an expanding wild feature and convert the symbols of the whole reel into wild symbols.
When three bonus symbols appear on the reels 1, 3, and 5; you can spin a bonus wheel. The wheel has three bonus options described below:
• Coin Wins: One of the options on the wheel is of cash prizes which can multiply your stake by 10 to 30 times.
• Crowd Pleaser: This feature pleases the crowd by its pick me style. Here at every level, you get three picks, and there are three levels for which you need certain minimum coins to be eligible for the next level. Also, if you gather three free spins symbols in this round, you get ten free spins.
• Encore Free Spins: Here you get ten free spins, and one of the band members will appear as an expanding wild symbol on the middle three reels.

The wild has a variation of ‘Appetite for Destruction Wild’ where the wild symbols appears in a cross shape on the reels and gives out a big win.

In the base game, there are two more random bonus features. In one of the features called “Legend Spins”, three free spins are awarded. In one free spin, you get stacked wild on reel number 3. In free spin number 2, on reels 1 and five you get stacked wilds, and the 3rd spin gives on reels second and fourth.

The random bonus feature is the “Solo Multiplier” where after any win you get a symbol with a multiplier of any number between 4x and 10x.

Guns N’ Roses Slot

With so many bonuses and a 96.98% RTP, I would highly recommend it to all the slot lovers to give this game a try at least once, and I bet most of you will love it.


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Sails of Gold Slot

The Sails of Gold slot game we have here maybe sounded catchy, but it is a popular development which is more than just desirable today. The game runs only on smartphones and tablets, so there is no desktop version available, keep that in mind. You will like the fact it offers five reels and ten paylines, but the lowest bet is 10p, while the highest is 100 pounds. It is based on Christopher Columbus and it features his discovery of the New World, so it is fun to play. This character is also the wild and the symbol you will want to get five times you will see why.

Sails of Gold Play For Free

Symbols include some of the standard letters A, Q, K, J and 10, but in the game, we can see the compass, ships, etc. Keep in mind that Christopher Columbus is the most popular symbol to get, as we have mentioned. If you win it five times, you are looking at a massive winning, which will be 5.000 times of your initial bet.

All the symbols are smooth, look perfectly matched with the game, and they are developed to the tiny detail you can imagine. Of course, the sound and the overall goal of the game are also desirable and specially developed for this game, so they make the gaming experience even better.

Sails of Gold Bonuses

Yes, the game in question does come with an impressive all slots bonus. The first one you can get will be achieved after winning three ships on reels, 1, 3 and 5. This will provide you with ten free spins, so chances of winning the jackpot are significantly higher. While you are enjoying free spins, you are looking for ten additional ones. Keep in mind that three ship symbols will provide you with them, so this is another reason why the game is so popular at the moment. Yes, you have high chances of winning the jackpot.

This is the complete insight in the bonuses the Sails of Gold has to offer. Sadly, there are no other bonuses involved in the game, so you are looking at 20 free spins, tops. Of course, the game is developed in such way that it offers high or medium odds of winning the jackpot. Let’s say that you have a high chanced of winning the jackpot, so you will want to try the game.

Sails of Gold Slot

The Sails of Gold slot game is currently one of the most popular games on Android and iOS smartphones. Sadly, there is no desktop version, but you will like the fact this game is easy to play, loading times are short and it runs smoothly on a device you will use.

The general point of the game and the user interface are both extraordinary, and above the average, so we cannot say that this is an ordinary game. It has a long story, which is paired with suitable symbols and sound effects.

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How To Experience A Winning Streak At A Casino?

Winning a game of gambling depends on your luck, on that very day and at that very instant. We all know that the chances of winning at a casino are extremely low and that it all depends on the odds of the game. Therefore, rather than relying everything on your fairy god-mother, you might as well learn few tips and tricks to ensure that you win at least a few hands while you are at a casino, if not for all.

Experience A Winning Streak

Here are three simple tips on how you can win or experience a winning series the next time you are at a casino.

  1. Do a reality check. Have you ever noticed a wall clock in a casino or ever wondered why most casinos do not hang a clock on their walls? Well, that is just one of their tricks to lower your chances of winning and increase theirs. Therefore, it is important for a player to remember that time is passing and that you need to get a hold of reality while you are in a casino.
  2. Appearances are truly deceptive in a casino. There are so many instances where as a player you should not fall for the appearances. For example, fancy slot machines such as the Wheel of Fortune may look very attractive and you will probably be ready to pitch in any amount just to see some coins pour out of the machine. However, you need to understand that behind the beautification lies intense and difficult strategies that you will find difficult to follow and hence lower your chances of winning high, which means the payout is going to be meager.
  3. Do not indulge nor deny. It is in the best of everyone’s interest at the casino not to be rude or to use foul language, especially if you are playing against the locals of that area. With all the alcohol pouring in, you are likely to start a forest fire if you open your mouth for the wrong reasons at any game table. Hence, always remain polite to your fellow players, never deny unless it is false, and always maintain a good relationship with your dealer. However, the most important thing is that you are never to indulge in the free booze that sways before your eyes.


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Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

Everybody likes fairytales as kids. But they like them, even more, when those tales come back in adulthood in the adult version they like. NetEnt knows that very well, and that is why they have come up with the classic Jack and the Beanstalk story in a slot game. The slot is loosely based on the tale and has an engaging short-film at the start of the game which is then continued as a quest in the slot. The game has impressive graphics, uplifting music and creative features. I am totally in love with the slot. You can read why in the rest of the article.

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Jack and the Beanstalk Play For Free

As usual, the low paying symbols are the card symbols decorated ornately. These card symbols include 10, J, Q, K, and Ace. Now for the high paying symbols, there are a watering can, Jack and his wife, an axe, a giant and a skinny cow. The game’s logo is the wild symbol while a treasure chest is the scatter symbol.

Jack and the Beanstalk Bonuses

Once you select a betting option, it is a roller coaster ride from there. But the higher you fly, the higher you win. And NetEnt provides three big chances to win big.
• Walking Wild: This is a feature where the bonus is not too major, but with the right combination, it can result in bigger payouts. The appearance of wild symbol rewards a free spin. But the twist to the tale is that the wild symbols walk from right to left. With every re-spin, the wild symbol moves to the reel on the left. So, if you land the walking wild on the 5th reel, it could mean a great win for you.

• Free Spins: When 3 or more treasure chest symbols appear on the reel, you get ten free spins. Not just that, this feature can be clubbed to the walking wild feature also. After the addition of walking wild, if you get 3 or more treasure chest icons, you get five extra free spins. The interesting part is when the wild symbol combines with the free spin feature; all wins are multiplied by 3x.

• Treasure Collection: The treasures you need to collect in this bonus feature are the ones that Jack steals from the giant in the original fairy tale. These treasure collection symbols are money bags, a harp and the golden goose. During the free spins, watch for the key symbol appearing on your 5th reel. When you get three keys, they become stacked of 2 money bags. If you get three more keys, 6 in total, it gets stacked in 3 golden geese. Similarly, if you collect the final three extra keys, 9 in total, it gets stacked into a golden harp which also becomes an expanding wild.

Jack and the Beanstalk Bonuses

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

This video slot is fun, simple and entertaining. It is lovely to see the fairy tale slot in such beautiful graphics. And when you collect all the nine keys, and it becomes a high paying game, it becomes even lovelier.



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Viking Runecraft Slot

The Viking Runecraft game has been developed in order to play video slots in a more entertaining and fun, an therefore more appealing, simply by adding plenty of new features and benefits. It is one of the latest games available to play and one of the most popular at the moment. Yes, it is a slot game which features 7×7 grid and seven paylines, but as you shall see in the rest of the review, there are a lot of new features and elements. First of all, the game supports all possible platforms, so you can play it on any device you own. The minimum bet is 10p while the maximum one is 100 pounds. You can win 5.000 times of your stake!

Viking Runecraft symbols

Due to the fact, the game is based on Nordic religion and way of life; the symbols are corresponding. You will see rues, helmets, axes, hammers, and necklaces. But, here we can see four wilds as well. They come in the form of Nordic gods so that you will expect Heimdall, Thor, Odin and Freya. These symbols are the ones you will want to see in the grid.

To win you will have to match five symbols, vertically or horizontally. Once paired, they will disappear, and new ones will appear. The same thing will occur regardless of how many times you win, meaning that the winning potential is huge and there are no limits there! In a nutshell, you can earn a jackpot of 10.000 coins, so the game is more ‘’profitable’’ than most similar ones.

Viking Runecraft bonuses

Viking Runecraft bonuses

There are several bonuses in the game, which is more than just desirable. Keep in mind that each of the following bonuses will appear when the meter on the screen is full. The bonuses include:
• Fury of Fenrir feature- 4 diagonal lines of symbols are affected. 2 of them will be replaced with the same symbol, while two will be destroyed.
• Judgement of Jörmungand feature- The game will choose random symbols and replace them with any other symbol.
• Scorching of Surtr feature- 3 symbols will be destroyed in a fire while revealing new symbols. This bonus allows you to win the spin.
• Lure of Loki feature- The game will choose two symbols. One will be replaced while other will be destroyed.
There is an additional bonus as well. When you fill the meter with the help of the bonuses above, you get to play the Ragnarök feature, which gives you one free spin.

Viking Runecraft slot

The Viking Runecraft game is the one to pay if you like slot games, but you are tired of playing the same games over and over again. It is unique due to the massive grid, five bonuses in total and an enormous jackpot. Keep in mind that yes, here is possible to win a massive jackpot in no time at all. The graphics, sound and user interface are better than usual, so the game is highly addictive as you will see the first time you start playing it.


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