Wild North Slot

Looking for a slot game that doesn’t share much in common with other games of this kind and you have a hard time finding one? If you do, then the Wild North is just perfect for you. The main fact to know is that this game is one of the best we have tried, so chances are high that it is going to be the best one for you as well. There are 5 reels and massive 40 paylines. The lowest bet is 20 p and the highest is 100 pounds. The game offers you free bonuses and the ability to play it on any device you have in mind. Yes, you will play this game for hours.

Wild North Symbols

Symbols are just a half of the reasons why this game is so popular and so desirable. They include wolves, bears, owls and etc. Due to the fact the game is based on Scandinavian wildness, all the symbols are corresponding. Yes, the graphics and sound effects are also appealing and they can be matched correspondingly with the rest of the game.

In addition, all the symbols are perfectly developed with a high level to the details. You will like looking at them on the grid and you will like getting free bonuses.

Wild North Bonuses

Wild North Bonuses

The game in question has 7 bonuses, which is actually the highest number of free bonuses a slot game has to offer. This is just one of the reasons why it is so popular. Anyway, now is the time to mention all of them.
1. The Great Wilderness- The bonus will provide you 3 free spins. A mega symbol will have to appear in 2-5 reels.
2. Wild Lynx- An interesting fact is that this bonus also offers you 3 free spins. You will need a 1-2 reels all covered with wild symbols.
3. Running Reindeer- You get a free spin, with the ability to win another free spin. Keep in mind that some  symbols will stay present on the reels (sticky symbols).
4. Savage Bear- A free spin with the ability to win a multiplier option which is between 1 and 30 times.
5. Wolf Pack- Another bonus for a free spin, but you can also get a re-spin.
6. Eyes of the Owl- The game gives you a free spin with the certain winning combination.
7. Wild North Explorer- You will be able to get additional prizes hidden on the grid.
Overall, this game offers 2500 times a winning potential, so it is more than just appealing to all of you.

Wild North Slot

The Wild North slot game is simply one of the best games of this kind ever developed. You will like the fact it can help you win a big time, it is easy to play and it comes with 7 free bonuses, which is impressive no less. Yes, the game also offers superb graphics and even better sound effects which will help you understand the world you will be in.

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